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Experience Plaisir

Bite, Live, Love! Captivating flavours, sophisticated combinations and surprising textures await you for a unique taste experience, thanks to the daring combination of chocolate and fruit.

Passion Values and ideas behind Plaisir

Plaisir bakery was created to provide experiences of pleasure. Each combination of ingredients has been designed to find the perfect balance between quality and taste. Together with chocolate and fruit fillings, Plaisir products reveal different textures and unusual consistencies that enhance the sensorial performance of the pastries.
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Perfection When technology meets baking

Each Plaisir biscuit is the result of dedicated collaboration with a team of pastry chefs to experiment with original ingredients, flavours and mixes that have found their place thanks to the gastronomic and technological expertise of Lago Group and Biscuits Bouvard.
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Tradition An idea by Gastone Lago

More than fifty years of confectionery industry with a "craftsman's heart." Founded in 1968, the Lago Group came to life thanks to the passion and intuition of Gastone Lago, who, together with his brother and friend and partner Di Dato, opened the first biscuit production company-laboratory in Galliera Veneta.
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